GearBestで誤配送があったので記録として残す その2

GearBestで誤配送があったので記録として残す その1

My AccountのMy Ticketsから異議申し立て

2/27 画像を付けて商品が違うと連絡

3/2 返事が来るが
1-Please give us the item code indicated on the outer package.
2-Please send us clear pictures of the item itself and its packaging.

3/2 ということなので画像を送信


3/3 確認するから待ってくれと返事が来る

3/16 返事が来ないので催促する。また早期解決のため再発送や現金での返金ではなくGB Walletやポイントでの返金処理を要求

3/17 GB Walletで$10.41返金すると返事が来るも返金額が違う

After reviewing your case, please review our possible solutions:
1)Keep the item and accept refund on GB Wallet (store credit)
We can offer USD$10.41 on your GB wallet and exceptionally reward you with extra points (e.g. If your item is 1USD = 5 points ,3USD=3*5 points => get 15 points etc)

2)Resend the item for free
In that case, you will receive the item 10 to 25 working days after dispatch date.
Please reconfirm your address as follows:

3/17 購入時の金額が$11.31なのになんで少ないんだ?と返信する

3/17 注文した時にクーポン使ったから$10.41だと受注画面らしきものを添付してくる


3/17 注文履歴やpaypalに支払った金額と違うから$11.31での返金を要求


3/18 返事来る

I have checked your order for you again and i would like to tell you the item’s oringinal price is USD11.31.

But as you have use the discount of 8%. the final price for which is USD10.41. Therefore, we just received USD10.41 from you.

As for the disscount can not be fefund to you, we would like to send you 50 points as comopensation.

How doe you think with it ? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

3/18 価格が違うことを認めずポイントを付けてきた。めんどくさくなってきたので最終的にいくら返金になるのか聞く

3/18 返事来る

I have help you applied refund the money USD10.41 and 50 points to your GB wallet account.

Affter our department manager comfirm with that,the refund will appear in your account.

Please wait 3-7 business days more patiently and then check with it.

3/18 GB walletに$10.41返金と50point($1分)で合計$11.41となり購入金額より上回るので了承したと返信

3/21 返金される
誤配送の商品はそのまま貰え、GB walletに$10.41となぜかpointが50×2となっていて合計で$12.41となりました

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